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Success story: Shari's Restaurant

Shari’s, a favorite Northwestern restaurant serving well-prepared comfort food at 100 locations, found it was time to find a new guest WiFi solution when their old solution was no longer meeting their needs.

After some research, their Network Administrator selected Open Mesh for ease of deployment, pricing and because they happened to be based in Portland, a stone’s throw away from Shari’s headquarters in Beaverton, OR.

So, two local companies set out to create a killer guest WiFi experience.

Deploying their guest WiFi was easy, and resulted in a seamless customer experience.

“The big thing is it just works,” said Daniel Mullikin, Network Administrator at Shari’s. “It’s dead-simple easy setup, it’s very intuitive, and there are good options within CloudTrax.”

Shari’s decided to use two Open Mesh OMP-AN access points at each restaurant: one in the back room plugged into their WiFi router that acts as the gateway, and a second unit in the restaurant area that acts as a repeater, extending the WiFi.

After connecting the access points to the Open Mesh cloud-based management tool, CloudTrax, and setting up basic network configuration and a branded splash page, Shari’s deployed a “Sharis Corporate” SSID that is password protected and a “Sharis Guest WiFi” SSID open to the public.

To connect to WiFi, guests simply navigate to the “Shari’s Guest WiFi” network and then accept the terms and conditions on a Shari’s branded splash page. Customers can enjoy browsing the web as they dine.

This creates added value for the customer and reinforces the Shari’s brand.

“The project was absolutely a success,” said Mullikin.

“The access points work great, we have a guest WiFi splash page branded to Shari’s that works flawlessly and it was really easy to set up. With the eye candy of CloudTrax, the decision was easy. It’s kind of a no brainer.”

Behind the scenes, Shari’s is able to manage WiFi for all locations through a single login to CloudTrax.

They can view the status of each access point, add additional access points or networks, update network settings and much more.

CloudTrax shows exactly what’s happening on each network in near real time, so they can manage users, monitor bandwidth and gather insights into what applications are using bandwidth and peak usage hours.

Best of all, each Open Mesh access point comes with a lifetime licence to CloudTrax, so Shari’s only pays the upfront cost of their hardware with no monthly or annual fees.