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Frequently asked questions

  • Routers are typically rated at 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, etc. What can I really expect?

    Numbers like 150, 300, 900 Mbps, etc. are the theoretical maximum total speeds the access point can deliver, including all WiFi overhead, in a perfect environment. As a rough rule of thumb, these numbers are at least twice what you can expect in a real-world environment. Furthermore, it is generally not “good neighbor” practice to use wide (40 MHz) channels on 2.4 GHz as it uses at least two of the three non-overlapping available channels and interference would likely prevent it from working well. Therefore, the 2.4 GHz maximum is typically half that again.

    Note that since there are two independent radios in the dual band models, the maximum is the sum of the two bands (assuming at least one user on each band).

  • Which model should I choose?

    Each model is built for a different goal, so it's difficult to suggest which one is best for your particular use.

    Best overall performance: MR1750 or A60

    Small space, high throughput: OM5P-AC or A40

    Lowest cost: OM2P

    A40 or A60?

    The A Series introduces a new form factor and will be used as the platform for additional models in the future. The A60 and A40 are both 802.11ac and virtually identical to each other: the A40 is a 2x2 radio while the A60 is 3x3.

    A60 or MR1750?

    The A60 can be compared directly to the MR1750. With enhanced radio and antenna design for improved receive sensitivity, the A60 gets similar range and performance to the MR1750 while drawing less power. The A60 adds a second gigabit Ethernet port and a USB port for future expandability. It also includes a universal housing kit so it can be mounted on Ethernet and junction boxes, and can be mounted outdoors without the need for an enclosure.

    OM5P-AC or A40?

    The OM5P-AC is deal for covering a single room in a hotel room, dorm, care facility or small office. It can be used with the OM Series enclosures. The A40 also offers a 2x2 radio but adds significant range and a universal housing—no enclosures needed.

    OM2P or OM2P-HS?

    The OM2P-HS offers great performance on the 2.4 GHz band only and can be used with a 802.3af PoE switch. It continues to be a very popular model for cloud-managed WiFi in non-congested environments.

    The OM2P works well when you don't need as much speed or you need to use an external antenna. This model supports passive 12-24v PoE. With the included antenna it has approximately the same range as the OM2P-HS.

  • Which models can I use on a PoE switch?

    The OM2P-HS, OM5P-AC, MR1750, A40 and A60 all support the 802.3af PoE standard that is used on PoE switches. Any of these models will work fine with a standard PoE switch. The A40 and A60 are powered exclusively by PoE. A PoE injector should be purchased with these models if they are not being powered by a PoE switch.

  • What are the license fees or monthly costs?

    Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. All access points include a free lifetime license for CloudTrax. CloudTrax is a cloud-based network controller that helps you build, manage and monitor professional-grade wireless networks from anywhere in the world. The only cost is the hardware. You can custom brand CloudTrax to make it your own cloud solution for an additional fee. Learn more about custom branding.

  • Why are power supplies and PoE injectors priced separately?

    More than half of our access points are purchased without power supplies. Why pay for a part you don't need? We make power supplies an add-on cost to keep our access point prices low and keep unwanted power supplies out of landfills.