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Beach Point Club

Success story: Beach Point Club

Logan Irons is the Director of Member Services at Beach Point Club, a private 22-acre beach and yacht club in the New York City Metropolitan area. With a wide range of terrain and building types, along with varying levels of access to network cabling, providing a seamless wireless network to club members throughout the property was a significant challenge.

His existing system had no mesh capability, so his wireless coverage was limited to the areas where cabling was in place. And with no cloud management, deployment of new access points was time consuming and unpredictable. Irons would typically have to wait until the slow season to make any changes.

“We needed a solution that provided rock-solid access points when a [wired Internet] connection was available,” said Irons. “But also the flexibility to extend the network beyond the reaches of cabling.”

Irons began replacing his existing wired-only access points with Open Mesh 802.11n access points in a mix of indoor and outdoor enclosures. He powered all the units with PoE.

Irons noticed a substantial improvement immediately.

“The range of all the access points was far superior to the previous Ubiquiti equipment we were using,” he said. “I’m now able to serve areas with one access point that took two or three with the previous system.”

Irons said he was most impressed with the fast and easy deployment, made possible with Open Mesh’s self-managing, self-healing technology.

“I can now go into a new deployment without the worry that things might not work or complications might arise during provisioning,” he said.

Rather than waiting for the slow season, Irons can now deploy access points to expand coverage to additional areas of the club whenever he has a free 15 minutes.

With CloudTrax, Open Mesh’s free cloud-based network controller, Irons says managing the system has been easy.

“I don't have to think about the system unless I want to, in which case I can see all the relevant information in a few seconds,” he said. “Being able to login to one web page and view the entire network is great.”

Irons admits he considered a competing cloud-managed mesh solution, but was turned off by the hefty ongoing cost to manage 20 access points: nearly $4,000 a year for the cloud management features CloudTrax includes for free.

“Everyone is thrilled that we have consistent, reliable wireless access in places that our previous system could never reach."

The system itself has provided the rock-solid reliability and easy network management Irons was looking for.

“We have yet to have a network outage.”

Irons said his previous system was constantly swamping their internal DHCP server, forcing guests and staff off the network. But that’s no longer a problem with Open Mesh and CloudTrax.

“CloudTrax manages DHCP for us automatically, and it allows us to isolate our business network from our guest network,” he added.

“Everyone is thrilled that we have consistent, reliable wireless access in places that our previous system could never reach.”